We All Come From Somewhere

For many millennia
the Deschutes has defined the Central Oregon landscape as a tributary child of the Columbia River, dancing around lava flows on the Eastern flank of the Cascade Mountains and providing course for seasonal ice melt. From The Wana Łama, Wasq’ú and Paiute people to the flaura and fauna before them, the Deschutes River has nurtured life, defined communities and anchored a common diaspora across the Pacific North West.

The Deschutes is Life, Stay Wavy Bend
Wavy Bend is a small, Bend based business that seeks to keep the Deschutes River at the center of the Bend, OR conversation. Our products, manufacturers, printers and community partners are all chosen to be as ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, fairly manufactured, and human focused as possible.

‘Soul, a moving river. Body, the riverbed.’ - Rumi
Wavy Bend is a kindness based company that puts people before profit. Always.